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The Day After Ragnarok: recensioni entusiaste!

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Ecco cosa pensano di The Day After Ragnarok quelli di The Big Red Couch, “An RPG Podcast In Which We Take Random Ideas And Turn Them Into Runnable Games. Mostly.”

The Day After Ragnarok is a pulpy setting that places the apocalypse during World War 2, and then looks at the aftermath.  And we’re not talking one of your allegorical apocalypses here: the Nazi’s summon the Midgard Serpent to trigger the Norse end of the world, following the logic that they would rule the world to come after.  America flies a nuke into the gigantic serpent’s eye, killing it – only for the thrashing body, radiation and magical clouds of venom to ruin most of the world.  Most of Europe is pulverised beneath the giant body, continental North America is smashed by the tsunami caused by the body landing in the sea and then has to deal with becoming a toxic, mutated wasteland of monsters and horrors.  Beyond the so-called Serpent Curtain, Russia expands unchallenged.  The Middle East is beneath the snake’s gigantic head and suffers the worst of the changes to come, but all along its length through Europe and Africa venom and horrors leach from the body into the soil…. [Leggete il resto direttamente…]

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