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Progetto di supporto alla Evil Hat tramite Patreon: determinate il futuro della linea editoriale di Fate

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Riportiamo la notizia in inglese: sostanzialmente la Evil Hat ha fatto partire un progetto di sostegno tramite Patreon, un sistema di autofinanziamento simile ma diverso rispetto a kickstarter.

Se vi “abbonate” al loro progetto, potrete ricevere in anteprima i testi dei prossimi prodotti EH targati Fate, e se scegliete il livello “Fate Corps” potrete anche dire la vostra nei processi editoriali di scelta dei prodotti o dei temi da affrontare.

Ci sembra un’altra ottima occasione per sentirsi comunità, e collaborare con la EH per ottenere i prodotti migliori possibili.

Trovate i link all’interno della notizia originale che riportiamo integralmente:

“For a long time, we’ve really wanted to tackle more Fate adventure supplements, because who doesn’t like having an easy-to-deploy adventure in their back pocket for last minute gamery? But adventures are tough to support cost-wise—they tend to fall in the red for a lot of reasons that Fred will speculate on at length if you get him going. Which is one of the many reasons we think he’s pretty awesome. And amusing. And amusingly awesome, but all of these things are beside the point. The point is that we’ve been searching for a way to produce a steady stream of quality adventure content.

It’s with this in mind that we’re super uber mega hugeola excited to announce the Fate Patreon(Fatereon?) campaign. Patreon offers an easy subscription service that will give you a steady stream of Fate adventures from some Evil Hat names you know and love…and a few new talents you’ll want to see more of. To start out with, we’ve got a cyberpunk/superhero mash up from Brian Engard, and you can see more of our sekrit plans for world domination (or adventure production) on the Patreon page.

Patreon offers an easy subscription system to fit any budget. You can get each new adventure (produced every two or three months or so) for about as much as a cup of coffee, which seems like a pretty blinking good deal to us. Also, subscribing gives you an advance look at our materials, and can even give you the opportunity to make requests. Have you always wanted to see a murder adventure set at an alien carnival? This is your chance to ask for it, and then taunt all your friends with your kewl insider info.

If you can’t subscribe just yet, don’t cry. You can always opt in later. And all of the adventures will be available later on a Pay What You Like basis, but without all the bragging rights and insider info, which are priceless if you ask us.

Anyway. We hope you’ll check out our Patreon campaign and learn all the exciting details we don’t have space for here. We’re pretty excited about the possibilities, but what we really want to know is what YOU think. (And this is not one of those things that we’re saying to be polite. We really do want to know.) What do you think of this idea? Is this a direction you think Evil Hat should be moving? As always, your input makes us better, so what are your ideas? We’re ready to take notes and everything. And we’re pretty psyched.”

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